There is an old saying "The theatre starts with the coat check".

The porch, the foyer and a hallway are not your main living spaces, however these are the key areas by which your home will be judged by the demanding home hunters entering your house or apartment.

There is nothing worse than creating a negative first impression, especially if you spent a fair amount of time and money renovating and preparing your home for sale.

Make sure the entry is clutter-free and sparkling clean. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint. A couple of fresh, well-fed planters or winter arrangements will welcome the visitors inside. Do not let people trip over your shoes. Put away unseasonal items, leaving only the necessary clothes for each family member.

Investing in a new clean floor mat will not break the bank.

A console table or a small stand will help you organize your keys, purses and decorative items. Make sure they are proportional to the space size and do not block the traffic. A large horizontal mirror may visually enlarge a tight foyer.

A fresh floral arrangement will give the house a sense of luxury as well as fill the entrance with the light pleasant scent. Avoid using strong smelling flowers, which may trigger allergic reactions or negative impressions.

Do not forget, small details can make a huge difference. The way you greet potential buyers can either make them fall in love with your home from the first sight or push them away for good.

Download this "Staging Deco" brochure.

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